J. MUTZ KNIVES Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Maker of Custom Handmade Knives

   Jeff Mutz has been making handmade knives since 1998. He resides in Rancho Cucamonga, CA where he designs and creates his custom knives. He makes knives by both methods, forging and stock removal. Jeff then heat treats and tempers his knives to a Rockwell hardness that is optimal for what the knife will be used for. A cryogenic freeze with liquid nitrogen is performed during the heat treating process on his blades for maximum edge retention and toughness. His knives are made from either high carbon tool steels or stainless steels. Jeff is currently forging his own Damascus in the Random and Twist patterns using 1084 and 15N20 steel. Layered steels and canister Damascus are also available.

   His handle materials include Bone, Horn, Mother of Pearl, Mammoth Ivory, Oosik and many other rare and exotic materials. His knives are available at many west coast knife shows and in a few select knife stores throughout the U.S. Jeff will also take orders to custom make his knives to his customers specifications.

   In addition to making his own custom knives, Jeff has a shop at Tru Grit Inc. where he is a technical adviser to knifemakers from all over the world. He also performs the heat treating process for many knifemakers blades and also grinds custom blades for Tru Grit's customers.

   Please feel free to contact Jeff to inquire about having a custom knife made, heat treating services, sharpening services or any technical advice. Also, enjoy some of the sites Jeff is affiliated with using the links below.